As you may have noticed, we hadn’t posted anything in the blog for the past 3 weeks. This can be attributed to two things: our initial service launch about 2 months ago which is rapidly gaining traction and our initial RC1 Open Source Release of the Humbug Analytical engine (which is due later on today). While we were extremely hard at work here, much had progressed and we would like to share these with you.

Astricon 2010 – Amazing Positive Feedback

Recently we participated at the Astricon 2010 convention, that took place in Washington, DC. To those who are not in the know, Astricon as the world wide Asterisk conference, organized every year by Digium, the makers and primary sponsors of Asterisk. Apart from Amoocon 2010, which took place shortly before our official service launch, Astricon is the first time when people had been introduced to Humbug in a public manner.

In general, we were fairly astound at the way it was accepted. Initially, some of the people who attended the talk were simply oblivious to the idea that their systems may be suffering from fraudulent phone calls, while others were slightly questionable as to the ability of a SAAS to handle the amounts of information it is supposed to analyze. As I indicated to some of the people, our grand objective is to become the telecom equivalent of Google Analytics – sure, it’s a grand goal – however, we believe we are on the right track.

Following below is a scribd version of the presentation:

Humbug Labs Project Presentation – Presented at Astricon 2010, Washington, DC

Celebrating 200 registered users

Sure, it may not sound as much – let’s be fair, in comparison to facebook this number is beyond miniature. However, it is a fairly impressive number, considering the fact that we are a new SAAS and project around the block. Our current SAAS is analyzing around 500,000 records on a daily basis. That translates to around 30M records per month, which can be translated to a small time CLEC or Long Distance Carrier.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our SAAS members, you are the engine behind the entire project – we are here to serve your needs. Give us a shout, send us an email, tell us how great or shitty we are and help us get better. The more feedback we get from you, the better we become.

Open Source RC1 to be released TODAY!

Today is a date to be remembered, today is our first official RC1 release of the Humbug Call Analytics engine. The Open Source RC1 (or community edition as we call it), contains all the features of the SAAS – apart from fraud analysis. You are probably asking why fraud analysis isn’t released into the Open Source, the reason is simple, there are various patents involved. For example, if you utilize a specific patented algorithm for performing some pattern analysis or a heuristic test that is bound by a patent, that can’t be released into the Open Source – due to the same reason why g729 can’t be released into the Open Source.

Our RC1 requirements are fairly forgiving, thus, can be installed on any existing Asterisk based server today – especially AsteriskNOW. The current requirements include:

  1. Apache
  2. PHP
  3. PERL
  4. MySQL
  5. GCC

That’s more or less it, however, if download and run into problem – just send us an email at support at

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