Well, if you tried logging into your account today, you may have been greeted by a fairly short message saying that we are currently undergoing some upgrades. Well, in general, the reason for this upgrade is good, we’re upgrading simply because we need more capacity. The only annoying part is that the upgrade is taking just a bit longer than we anticipated.

Current upgrades include the following:

  • Database overall rework – we needed to optimize some our database tables with additional indexes. Since the inception of the Humbug service, we’ve accumulated around 50 million CDR records. These are now being re-indexed and re-structured into a new scheme – talk about some serious data.
  • Services upgrade – in order to facilitate our soon to come Fraud Alerts, we needed to re-write some of our internal services, these are now being deployed into the new structure.
  • Additional servers – yes, this sounds redundant, however, hardware is always something that makes life a little tricky.

Doing all of that inside a fairly high volume is fairly tricky, specifically without turning off the data collectors that are now collection over 800K CDR records on a daily basis and over 2.6M events every day :-)

So, as I said, it may take us a bit more time to bring the services back up – but please bear with us.

Nir Simionovich