Well, the past month had been as hectic as can be, specifically with us hard at work re-working parts of the UI and preparing our alert services. As you may have noticed, the SaaS version has been changed from 0.3 (Falcon) to 0.4 (OSPREY). Version 0.4 brings a slightly sleeker look, that makes the usage more streamlined.

Humbug Service Dashboard

As you may notice, the left stripe menu has changed slightly, specifically how we perceive the various traffic types. We now have an “Analytics” menu, a “Fraud Alerts” menu and of course the account menu. The analytics menu changed into 3 separate menu contexts, shown below:

Humbug Menus

We were getting a feeling that the previous interface is becoming a bit too cluttered, so we’re experimenting with this new layout. We’re welcoming you all to send us remarks and thoughts on the matter.

While the general UI update is nice, the new portion of the interface is of course the “Fraud Alerts”:

Configured Alerts

The fraud alerts are not yet enabled, as we are currently finalizing the alerts and the interface. These will be made available to our closed ALPHA group within a few weeks time. If you wish to be a part of this select ALPHA group, please contact support at humbuglabs.org. The closed ALPHA group will gain access to our “Super Secret, Ultra Discrete – yet ultra cool” fraud analysis tools and alerts. The reason for the closed ALPHA group is simple, we want to make sure everything works just as it should. The closed ALPHA group will be asked to utilize the new alerts, provide bi-weekly feedback and if possible, come up with new ideas and problems that require our attention. Once a development will be mature enough to leave the closed ALPHA group, it will be available to our SaaS users, as part our BETA program. Fraud Analysis tools will remain FREE for the duration of the SaaS BETA period.

Well, that’s it for now. Some of us will be traveling to Europe in the next few weeks, meeting with various vendors and potential partners. If you wish to meet us, drop us a message and we’ll do our best to meet up with you – it would be nice to put a face behind the API keys :-)

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