As you know, we take our work very seriously – after all, we are in the business of guarding your money. However, we like to play around with ideas, concepts and sometimes, things that are down right crazy. Over the course of the past 12 months, we’ve collected a database of black-listed numbers, fraudulent numbers, AIT numbers and other types of malicious telephony usage numbers. A couple of week’s ago, we’ve released our initial black-listing service to the members of the service and so far the response had been wonderful.

Today, I’m here to tell you about a new tool that will be added to our website, the “Phone Search Engine”, or as one of the developers put it: “Who’s that dude? search engine“.

Humbug Search Engine - BETA Version

Ok, so we’re taking a little off from Google – we see it as a form of flattery. Our purpose is to enable anyone in the world to enter a phone number and see what information we’ve gathered regarding that number. The engine is connected to our black-list database. If you’ll enter a number that is in the database, the engine will report back that status of that number, why it was listed, it’s Humbug Karma level and how long has it been in the database. Later on, we’ll be adding additional tools such as “Removal Request” – to allow you to remove your number in case of black listing, “Report Number” – to allow anonymous reporting of fraudulent numbers (will be manually checked by Humbug Staff) and other stuff we can’t say right now.

We hope to release this tool to the general public within the next few days.

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