The data being analyzed and aggregated by the Humbug engine is very interesting. While the various usage patterns and call patterns being analyzed are fairly common and identical around the world (bearing in mind the various locations), we like analyzing our black lists – specifically those that include verified fraud destinations.

We’ve recently analyzed our ever growing database of verified black listed numbers, and found something really interesting. It would seem that over 70% of the world’s fraud destinations is located in only 5 specific countries:

Verified Black List Destinations
Our data also reveals an interesting table of destinations. If we were to examine the table deeper, a fairly disturbing picture can be reveled:

The Top 4 fraud countries

If you ask a telecom Wholesale hubbing provider what is the most sought out destination for termination purposes is usually Cuba. Prices to Cuba can easily rack up to over 0.60$ per minute. We expected to see Cuba star in our black lists, but Sao Tome was a fair surprise. However, it would appear that with Sao Tome “enjoying” an average of over 0.85$ per minute for a mobile call, it turns Sao Tome to a more appealing destination for fraudsters.