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Our goal, as we add to this resource, is to provide a good starting point for anyone seeking to learn more about telecommunications fraud management.

As part of our own publications we’ve included user case studies and our white paper on “Fraud Management in an ITSP Environment”. Below is an excerpt:

Over the last decade, internet-based telephony has exploded in popularity and allowed new services and service providers to emerge with low barriers to entry and minimal setup and infrastructure costs – an environment which tends to dangerously underestimate the need for investment in revenue assurance procedures. As with any traditional telecom operator, ITSPs suffer from constant fraud attacks and revenue leaks, and depending on size, user base, and growth, fraud can either be constant or a come-and-go problem.
The resources at the disposal of most ITSPs pale in comparison to long-standing telecommunication companies with last-mile infrastructure, however in some cases this can play to the advantage of the ITSP – enabling it to capture niche markets, win customers through product innovation, as well as compete on price margins, with low operational overheads to cover. However, while resources are expended on product development, customer acquisition, and even infrastructure expansion – revenue assurance procedures tend to be implemented soon (if not minutes) after an attack has been discovered.
With consumer-focused ITSPs the variety of services and features offered to the user are abundant. Packaged in complex destination-based service offerings, with monthly or pay-as-you-go packages, an
ITSP, on the face of it, has the same level of service-sophistication (if not more) than traditional carriers. Behind the scenes, however, ITSPs are lagging far behind in their ability to handle cases of fraud due to a lack of investment in fraud prevention and a rather reactive approach to revenue assurance.