It’s very hard to say when telephony fraud occurred for the first time, however, judging from the sheer magnitude of the phenomenon we can say one thing – there is a high chance it had started 2 days after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Actually, Bell, credited with inventing the telephone, could actually represents the first case of telephone fraud. It turns out that Antonio Meucci actually did the work 16 years before Bell submitted a patent for the telephone. In fact the US Supreme Court had agreed to hear the case with fraud charges against Bell. But unfortunately Meucci died in 1889 and the case was dropped.

According to the Communications Fraud Control Association 2009 Global Fraud Loss Survey, over $15 Billion are lost each year to PBX/ Voicemail Hacking. How can you protect your company?

Whereas this problem only affected telephone companies and large enterprises, we are now seeing the effects on smaller companies. This is what inspired Humbug to create a service so that Telecom Fraud Detection is now more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Humbug Telecom Labs has published a new white paper Benefits of Telecom Analytics and Fraud Detection for Enterprises you can download this free white paper at