Recently we released into the wild our new beta of Humbug Analytics – and keeping with tradition of naming our versions after birds of prey, we bring you version 3.0 Silver Hawk beta (the “silver” part was added for the extra flare). This week Silver Hawk will become the default version upon login, however we will be keeping the old version running and accessible in parallel for the next few weeks.

So, except for the fraud blocking that was announced in our Press release, a faster bigger & badder DB we’ve rolled out, and a completely rewritten user interface, you may wonder what’s new in this version…

  1. Custom Reports – Select a report layout and drag-&-drop filters and widgets to create your own dashboards. We designed this to provide the ultimate flexibility in creating the graphs, tables and statistics that you need to keep track of. Lets just say, for example, you want to create a report keeping track of daily outbound duration vs ASR to France versus India, or perhaps you would like a report showing all calls made through a given trunk to Spain? The flexibility is all there, and you need only drop the relevant filters and watch the dashboard begin to populate with stats. Easily save this report for future reference, and pretty soon you’ll also be able to schedule it as a routine report delivered directly to your inbox.
  2. custom reports

  3. Departments & Contacts – No longer do you need to have an address book handy to decipher who the top callers are. Instead, you may click any phone number and associate it with a contact name or department. Naturally, we’ve included department level reports which allow you visualise for example, how those inbound sales calls from USA compare to the inbound sales calls received from all other countries.
  4. Real-time Feed – We’ve become very used to the idea of “feeds” as a form of viewing real-time streaming information, and now you can expect the same from your favourite telecom analytics platform. Our real-time newsfeed displays the latest inbound and outbound callers in a streaming newsfeed format, alongside a live running-tally of your hourly and daily peaks. We have a lot planned for this real-time section so stay tuned on this one.
  5. Search – Simple yet powerful, the search box was added to enable users to search for any phone number, country, contact or PBX, and quickly gain a drill-down report on its usage. Need a quick look at your traffic to Brazil? Search it! Looking to check up on the sales department’s calls for this past month? Search “sales”, point, click, view report.
  6. Mobile App – This feature probably deserves a blog-post on its own, but in short, Humbug’s Mobile Fleet Governance is soon coming to a mobile near you. Currently supports android devices, and available in beta, Humbug’s mobile application enables you to gain a holistic view of your organization’s traffic, from not only your fixed-infrastructure, but mobile fleet as well.
  7. Back End – Its not easy crunching all this data, let alone generating reports in real-time. We wanted a flexible, customisable user experience, and that took us through quite a few challenges, for example: how do you calculate the top-10 callers for a given time period when the data set consists of millions of unique phone numbers and when the date range and resolution (hr/day/month) is customisable? Perhaps pre-prepare a leaderboard for all possible date combinations in all possible resolutions? Or perhaps sacrifice on the user experience and require the user to schedule a report and receive it via email later when its done? While these were some of the deliberations over the past months, i’m happy to say the solution we delivered chops up those CDR’s and spits out reports faster than you can say “shard, map, reduce”.

I guess I could go on all day about new stuff we’ve done, but why not check it out yourself? Signup and get up and running from zero-to-powerful-reporting-platform in 5 minutes.

Of course we’d be happy to receive any feedback: