With the recent release of the the Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report and the  finding that:

The most common password used by global businesses is “Password1” because it satisfies the default Microsoft Active Directory complexity setting. Because it includes a capital letter, a number and the required number of characters to form a password.

We bring you other great password scenes:


Pink Panther 2

The classic Horse Feathers

With that a reminder:

  1. Change the all the passwords on  your servers from the default ones
  2. When possible use pass phrases as they are harder to brute force hack
  3. In spite of the new trend in sharing passwords, don’t share it to anyone that does not need it for legitimate work
  4. Limit the number of unsuccessful attempts – it is recommended that after 3 unsuccessful attempts then access should be locked for at least an hour
  5. Physical security is important; your server and PBX room should be locked when not attended

Your best defense is to proactively watch for offenses. Proactively monitor and understand your traffic, don’t wait until you get your phone bill to discover you have a problem. Use a ‘real time’ monitoring system that can alert you to suspicious activity like short repeat calls, traffic spikes, unusual call destinations, or changes in after-hours calling patterns.