Dear all Humbug – Asterisk users,

Today we released an upgrade for our Asterisk-based PBX plugin, which brings us to version – 0.8.2-1, which is available both as source and RPM for 32/64bit systems.

This release fixes several bugs in the Humbug plugin, which on certain systems caused the plugin to “hang and not send calls”. If you’ve experienced this issue we’d encourage you to upgrade to this latest version.

Download Humbug Plugin (32-bit, Open Source) – Recommended – RPM v0.8.2-1
Download Humbug Plugin (tar.gz, Open Source) – tar.gz v0.8.2
Download Humbug Plugin (64-bit, Open Source) – for 64-bit systems – RPM v0.8.2-1

If you already have a Humbug plugin installed on your PBX, be sure you have your configuration file (/etc/humbug/humbug.conf) backed-up prior to installation.

For fresh installations, refer to our setup guide for Asterisk PBX’s, or signup now to create a new account.