If you’ve been following our tweets you would have heard the early announcement that Humbug Analytics v4 has gone live over the past few days.

This update includes improved usability across the platform, especially in the areas of alert configuration and customization. Its now easier then ever to set rules for your aggregate traffic or per-pbx, and we’ve added information and tips based on your usage to help you determine the ideal parameters for the various thresholds.

Our analytics dashboard has also been upgraded with both drill-down filters, and a comparison of traffic to historical time periods (i.e today vs yesterday, this months vs previous month, etc). Any filters you choose, or customizations you make to the graph can easily be saved in “custom reports” for easy access at a later time.

While this upgrade improved all existing features, it also sets the foundation for several new capabilities that we are planning to release over the next weeks, which will deserve a blog post of their own…

In the meantime, it would be great to hear feedback on this version release, feel free to leave us a comment below or contact us directly at support@humbuglabs.org

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Screenshots of the new version below – click the image to enlarge