The Humbug project is somewhat of totally new approach to call analytics and fraud analysis. As such, from time to time we get some press coverage, by various blogs, only newspapers, ezines and even some written mentions here and there. It may be a little self promoting, but each time someone writes about what we do, we read it, think about it and if possible, try to correct things or add new features. This page will contain different quotes and links to articles that mention the Humbug project in some manner, be it good or bad.

Carrier-Class Analysis Tools Now in Organizations’ Hands [24.02.2011]

While advancing VoIP technologies and adoption of IP platforms have encouraged new services and offerings, it has also created new ways for fraud to occur and carriers have their hands full trying to detect fraud.

Positron Partners with Humbug Telecom Labs [22.02.2011]

Positron Telecommunication Systems, a leader in sophisticated VoIP equipment for enterprise communication, announced today their partnership with Humbug Telecom Labs, an innovator in Cloud based services for Telephony applications.

VoIP Analytics & PBX-Telecom Fraud Protection [26.01.2011]

Many thanks to Piyush Kumar who covered Humbug in his famous VoIP blog! The post not only describes Humbug and our efforts with fraud detection but also provides good insight into this global problem.

IP Free protection IP telephone [15.08.2010]

Ok, the title is a little funky, but that’s what you get when you try to translate Hebrew into English using Google. TheCom is Israel’s leading Telecom online magazine, bring news from Israel and around the world. Recently they had posted a small article about the service. Be warned, the translated version below doesn’t do justice to the article, as Google’s translation to Hebrew is far from being accurate.

Translated version of the article

Humbug Telecom Labs analyses millionth call [04.08.2010]

Recently featured at “total telecom” webzine :” Humbug Telecom Labs, an Israeli based startup company announces it has analyzed its millionth call only two weeks into its beta release. Humbug provides telephony analytics & fraud detection services for enterprises and telephony operators, being the first service of its kind using a “collaborative approach” to prevent telephony fraud”

A different approach to fraud detection and prevention [27.07.2010]

Connected Planet had contacted us, shortly after our BETA launch, in order to get the first low down on what we’re planning and where HumBug is going. We have to admit that while the story has some irregularities as what is our exact vision, it does give a fair view of it.

HumBug: tus estadísticas de telefonía en la nube. [26.06.2010]

Avatar is a Spanish blog, dealing with the various aspects of VoIP, telephony and Asterisk. Shortly after the launch of the Humbug public beta, Avatar had surveyed the Humbug project and wrote the above mentioned blog post. According to a “Google Translation” of the page, the post says: “Humbug becomes one of the surprises and one of the most interesting of the second half of the year” – which makes us really happy.

Translated version of the blog