Humbug for Asterisk PBX

Setting up Humbug on an Asterisk PBX is very simple using our open source plug-in. You'll need to download the plugin and configure the API Key provided to you by Humbug after signup. In the steps below we'll outline how this is done. You'll be up-and-analyzing in minutes.

  1. Download the Humbug Plugin to your Asterisk PBX. For 64-bit systems, use a plugin available in our downloads section.
    										[root@asterisk]# wget 
  2. Install the RPM and run the configuration script.
    										[root@asterisk]# rpm -Uhv latest.rpm
  3. Run the humbug-setup utility and configure your API Key and Encryption Key at the prompt. If you are setting up more than one PBX, configure each with its own API Key.
    										[root@asterisk]# humbug-setup 
  4. Reload your PBX configuration and start the Humbug plugin.
    										[root@asterisk]# asterisk -rx "core reload"
    										[root@asterisk]# /etc/init.d/humbug-collector start 
  5. Now that your Asterisk PBX is set up, head to the Analytics Dashboard to configure your first fraud alerts.