Humbug For Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP)

Humbug Analytics is used by ITSPs to easily enable per-user as well as aggregated traffic management and fraud alerts. Easily identify costly/risky users, and use our community blacklist for identifying and reporting both telecom fraud as well as phone numbers used in fraudulent credit card transactions. Humbug's vast repository of fraud patterns & information is constantly growing through actively connected service providers, creating a stronger collaborative enviornment for fraud-fighting.

Integrating Humbug Analytics into your current infrastructure is easy using Humbug's API. This setup guide will outline how to connect your ITSP infrastructure to receive per-user statistics. For aggregated statistics only, simply use a single API key.

  1. Create a unique API Key for each user. This can be done programatically by calling the api_remote_create_keys function. When sending data to Humbug, use the API Key associated with the user.
  2. When a call hangs up, send the CDR data using the API key associated with the user. View our API on posting CDR data
  3. You may add default alerts, such as thresholds on cost or duration. This can apply both to aggregated / total as well as per-user basis. View the API referance on adding/modifying alerts
  4. One integration method is outlined below. It is good practice to create the API Keys and add alerts during user registration, and use the method below to create API Keys for existing users.
    Humbug ITSP