Setup using VoIPMonitor

Using VoipMonitor you will be able to easily connect your voip-based network to Humbug. You'll need to download the plugin and configure the API Key provided to you by Humbug. In the steps below we'll outline how this is done. You'll be up-and-analyzing in minutes.

  1. 										[root@asterisk]# wget 
  2. Run the installation script and open the config file for editing
    										[root@asterisk]# ./
    										[root@asterisk]# vi /etc/voipmonitor-humbug.conf
  3. Configure VoipMonitor with the apikey you received from Humbug and the IP addresses of your trunks. Then run VoipMonitor!
    										[root@asterisk]# /etc/init.d/voipmonitor-humbug start
  4. Now that your netowrk is set up, head to the Analytics Dashboard to configure your first fraud alerts.
  1. If your PBX is behind a firewall, please make sure port 80 is open for outgoing traffic to
  2. For help connecting with VoipMonitor contact either or